What is a reload bonus

Many players struggle to understand just how casinos can offer such large bonuses to the majority of players. The answer to that question is that they use the reload bonus method. In order for players to get the biggest bonuses, they need to have deposited some cash a few times and played on a regular basis.

For instance, a player might get a 100% match on their initial deposit, which can work out to a huge sum of money. The next deposit might be 50% and the third deposit may also be 50%. This means that in total you have received a 200% match on the deposits that you have made. Players will not get the whole 200% at once and will need to put cash in several times. This might seem bad, but remember that this is still free money and is certainly worth playing for. Take into account the initial bonus on offer, but also the future match bonuses that you could receive as well when choosing a casino.

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