What is a loyalty bonus?

The majority of online casinos reward their regular players with bonuses for their custom. For the most part, a higher stakes player will get a higher loyalty bonus than a lower stakes player; which makes sense. A lot of casinos nowadays are using a points system, based on the amount they lose or wager. Each time this happens, their points increase and eventually, these points relate to a free lump sum of cash.

Another popular online casino loyalty bonus is the VIP Program. Generally, this is based on points too. The difference is that the different levels of VIP will receive different special offers, to help them win as much cash as possible throughout their gaming experience!

Collecting points

Every player that plays online will benefit from collecting these points. These points can usually relate to free lump sums of cash, but sometimes they can enter games with them too. For instance, the VIP points awarded to PokerStars players will allow them to buy items from the store, but also allow them to enter tournaments as well. It is certainly worth taking into account the loyalty bonuses on offer if you are thinking of playing at a casino on a regular basis. Points generally can not be traded, so you will need to be able to use them for something that you consider useful.

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