History of Online Casinos

The history relating to online casinos does not date back too long. The online casino industry started in the 1990s, when several big brick and mortar casino operators opened their doors online. The problem at this time is that the software that was being developed did not have half the capabilities that it does today. It took a while for the software to get better and online casino popularity to increase.

Online casinos were only made possible by allowing people to access the software and servers from remote locations. Thanks to the increase in popularity relating to the internet and consistent development of software; this was quickly able to happen.

One of the big casino operators is Microgaming, which operates from the Isle of Man. The company formed in 1994 and started developing casino games, offering them throughout the internet. The problem was, the link between the online casinos and financial transactions was a hard one to make.

It was not until 1995 until the online casino industry really took offer. Cryptologic was formed and was able to develop a portal when casinos could link secure financial transactions, allowing people to deposit in a secure fashion. According to history, after these links were made, the first online casino went online back in 1996 (InterCasino) and this exciting industry has been growing ever since!

The problem with the online casino industry is that it has always had problems. For a start, players did not trust a virtual system and tended to think that the casino was cheating them. For this reason they chose to go to land based casinos instead. Of course, when agencies and organisations came into play that tested the software, people quickly realized that the casinos were not cheating them at all! eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing proved the majority of casinos were legit.

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