Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are the easiest way for online casinos to get players to start gambling. For most players, this is the reason they started playing. Finding the right bonuses to get the most out of player online casinos is an important part of casino life.

What Is An On Line Casino Bonus

Online casino bonuses are essentially a free reward, or rewards that can be earned. Casinos offer them as a way to get players started, or to keep them coming back over and over again. Some casinos offer better bonuses than others.

Types Of All Casino Bonuses

There are hundreds of online casino bonuses. There is a bonus to suit almost every single type of player, so it is important to explore what is on offer before choosing any one in particular.

Welcome bonuses

These are possibly the most common and most popular. Essentially, a casino will offer new players the chance to sign up and get a bonus when they make an initial deposit. These bonuses are called new player sign up bonuses, welcome bonuses, but sometimes they are called match bonuses. This is because the casino will sometimes match the deposit amount. So if a player deposits $50.00, the casino will offer them a $50.00 bonus as well, so they have $100.00 in total!

Reload bonuses

There are other bonuses to be had; not just welcome bonuses. A reload bonus is when a casino matches a deposit of an existing player, with a bonus. This can amount to a lot of cash for existing players.

Payment option bonuses

Take into account the payment option bonuses. Some online casinos will offer a bonus if a certain payment processor is used. Try using these processors to get extra cash!

High roller bonuses

Generally, high stakes players will get rewarded for their participation. If you are a high stakes player, look at which casinos offer the best bonuses.

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